Businesses no longer just need office space but a productivity solution to attract and retain the best talent. We help flexible workspace operators to better understand and provide the Space-as-a-Service (SPaaS) solutions their members need.

Based on a RevOps philosophy and taking a data driven approach to revenue optimisation, we work with workspace operators of all sizes to ensure workflows, processes and systems are aligned to deliver the best possible customer journey and member experience.

Leveraging Produktiv Flex Insight, a business intelligence platform built specifically for the flexible workspace sector, we can harness numerous data points from a fragemented tech stack and transform these into meaningful, actionable insights.

Increasing revenue is not simply about generating more leads. Growth comes from optimising revenue potential by taking a data driven approach to transform your customer journey and prevent 20-30% of revenue leakage. Through better data insight and using our advanced intelligence platform, we can enhance conversion rates, drive retention, and grow secondary revenue streams from meeting rooms, events, memberships, hot desks, dedicated desks and virtual office solutions.

Stop hoping for revenue. Start optimising revenue to drive Customer Lifetime Value and improved profitability.



The 5 P's of Productivity


The core vision, mission and WHY. Every business and every workspace operator must be able to articulate ‘WHY’ it does WHAT it does – the aspirational reason for being which inspires and creates a call to action, setting you apart from your competition. This positioning sets a clear direction, key to attracting and retaining members, occupiers and of course your team.


We see people from both sides of the coin: The personas, archetypes and demographics you are looking to attract as members and the people you recruit to build a community and deliver the space as a service solutions they need. Optimised teams are your humanware and most valuable asset.


CX and customer journey mapping to ensure every touch point is considered so that no interaction slips through the cracks. A memorable and seamless customer experience results not only in improvements in operational efficiency and increased sales, but significant customer loyalty resulting in repeat business and increased lifetime values. But do your workflows, processes and systems allow this?


If we spend most of our waking hours working, then it goes without saying that how productive we are is also down to where we work and the design of our workspace. We ensure that your physical spaces are designed and operated to enhance collaboration, drive innovation and improve productivity by creating inspirational environments in which to meet, work and grow.


As the role of the workplace evolves, flex operators have an opportunity to lead the way in developing sustainable spaces. By embracing digital transformation to create innovative, low-carbon smart buildings through adoption of IoT devices and data analytics, we can help to create a future in which every workspace has a positive impact on the planet.

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