Technology has undermined the inherent value of real estate. As a building’s location and physical attributes become less important as more people choose to work remotely and flexibly, the experience offered to those who use the building therefore must be enhanced to attract people and make their visit worthwhile.

Now more than ever, workspace needs to support a new way of working, by focusing on user centric design and experience along with a more in depth understanding of how space is used in order to provide the productivity solution occupiers need.

Our range of smart building solutions supported by real time data analytics can support initatives such as WELL and NABERS to ensure you get the most from your building. From touchless access control, to experience apps, IoT occupancy and environmental sensors – all of which help improve the experience and wellbeing of those using the building. Even a basic smart building can enable under utilised space to be quickly repositioned, help to optimise facilities management with proactive rather than reactive maintenance, and a deliver a reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

As many building owners and operators commit to ESG and Net Zero goals, only through harnessing data and generating insight will these be achieved.

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