Every business is unique.

As a result, your workspace must be carefully considered to help your business attract and retain talent, innovate and grow – not just office space but a productivity solution and central to the culture of your business and the wellbeing of your people. With an increasing range of options and choices, Produktiv takes a holistic, integrated approach to help you create the best workspace solution for your business.


From coworking, serviced, managed, CAT A+ or traditional leases, along with a range of enterprise ready technology solutions designed to support hybrid working and to enhance your workplace experience, we help you to navigate the new world of work.


Some of the businesses we have helped:




The Evolving Flexible Workspace Sector


The number of flexible workspaces in the UK

Source: Instant


Forecast growth in the no. of flexible workspaces in the UK over the next 4 years


Current penetration rates of flexible workspace as a % of total UK office space

Source: Instant


Forecast penetration rates of flexible workspace by 2030

Source: CBRE


Increase in the no. of operators between 2014-2018

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